Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

sape rs nk buang lemak2 2 tgk sini

coupon from Keep Slim Klang Valley - KL

layan....groupon malaysia

[92% Off] 3Hr Full Body Slimming Package: Thermal + Lift and Firm + Slim Pro Therapy. 10 Sessions in 3 Visits for RM99 instead of RM1,290

Myths about weight loss include the effectiveness of crash dieting, fat-free foods and standing while sleeping to continuously burn calories. Reduce somatic stress with today’s Groupon: for RM99, you get a full body slimming package worth RM1,290 from Keep Slim, valid at 11 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. Treatments include:
  • (10 – 15 minutes) 1 session of steam therapy: Steam bath increases blood circulation and open up pores.
  • (10 – 15 minutes) 2 sessions of marine salt therapy: Scrub, reduces water retention
  • (5 minutes) 2 sessions of Easywrap therapy: Wrap within plastic enhances slimming
  • (20 – 30 minutes) 1 session of Corpeta Termica therapy: Hot blanket increases circulation and burn fats 
Lift and Firm
  • (30 minutes) 1 session of Metabolic Body Contouring: Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum
  • (10 – 15 minutes) 2 sessions of Bio Ray Therapy: Improves absorption of products and increases metabolism 
Slim Pro Therapy
  • (15 – 20 minutes) 1 session of SlimPro Cavitation Slimming: machine with low frequency ultrasound penetrates fat layers and breaks down fat cells
Full figured pit stops consist of thermal themes which include steam baths that increase blood circulation, marine salt scrubs, hot blankets and plastic wraps that increase feelings of kinship towards leftover food. Harnessing help from vacuum massages, stubborn flab resulting from frequent procrastination detaches from bodies while Bio Ray therapy improves product absorption and increases metabolism. Penetrate fat layers with machine-based final Slim Pro visits that break down fat cells, leaving the rest of the work to good diets, exercise and strong wills.
See here for full list of redeemable outlets.
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Valid at 11 outlets in Pen. M’sia. , Nationwide .

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cantiknya gambar tuh... tp awak lg lg lbh cantik dr tuh...

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erk...sy ckp sape nk kurus kn bdn bkn suh tgk body org 2

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